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Welcome to Duckworks Boat Builder's Supply

Moving Notice

We are moving our warehouse and shipping center from Harper, Texas to Port Townsend, Washington. Obviously, we will not be able to fill all orders during the move. That said, you will be able to place orders as you ordinarily would and we will forward orders for plans, such as Jim Michalak's, that are not instant downloads  - the latter will operate instantly as they always have. We will resume shipping on a first ordered/first shipped basis. Thanks for your patience.

We will cease shipping at 3PM on January 5, 2017

If all goes well, we will commence shipping on or before January 20, 2017

Wish us luck!


Our ever-expanding warehouse of boat building supplies, boat plans, small boat hardware, rope and line, deckplates, hatches, tools, gear, books and more.

Welcome to Duckworks Boat Builder's Supply!  We are a small, family business and we have been helping boat builders (and others) for almost 15 years.

Whether you are starting from scratch and building the boat of your dreams, or simply need new hardware, line and gear for an existing boat, we can help.  We have boat plans from over 36 designers (and counting), ranging from the smallest dinghy to ocean-going vessels.  We can also help you with epoxy, fiberglass, paint, marine hardware, rope, tools and gear. These are just a few of the items we stock for the small (and large) boat builder.  We take pride in our low prices and our over the top customer service.

Our sister website, Duckworks Magazine has close to 15 years of articles written by boat builders and designers about building boats (duh), construction techniques, problem solving, cruising and more.  

Chuck and Sandra Leinweber 

Sail Oklahoma 2013 - a painting by Carol Marine from a photo by Stan Roberts



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