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A Manual of Clinker (Lapstrake) Plywood Boat Construction

has 129 diagrams helping to explain the process

Our Price: $37.00
A Manual of Fit-Out for Yachts & Launches

taking a look at the ergonomics of your boat

Our Price: $37.00
A Manual of Plywood Boat Construction for Larger Craft

covers the construction of boats using modern ply on frame techniques

Our Price: $37.00
Plywood Canoe Construction

Includes sailing canoe details

Our Price: $37.00
Sails for the Home Boat Builder

Make your own sails

Our Price: $37.00
Stitch & Tape Boat Construction

All the basics of stitch & tape

Our Price: $37.00
Strip Plank Boat Construction

The ins and outs of this popular buillding method

Our Price: $37.00