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Canoe/Kayak Rudder Gudgeons

For sharply pointed sterns

Kayak Rudder Mounting Gudgeons

Four different styles to choose from

Sea-Lect TruCourse™ Rudder

Injection Molded Polymer w/Fiberglass

Our Price: $109.50
Sealect Footbrace converter kit


Our Price: $39.25
SeaLect Kayak Foot Braces

Fully adjustable - Nylon & Stainless

SeaLect Kayak Recreational Rudder Control Foot Braces

An affordable rudder control option

Our Price: $35.99
SeaLect Rudder Control Foot Braces

"Gas pedal action" - Nylon & Stainless

Our Price: $75.95
SeaLect Rudder/Footbrace/Rigging Combo Kit

Everything you need

Our Price: $195.95
SeaLect Tru Course Kayak Rudder Rigging Kit

Everything you need to connect a rudder to footbraces

Our Price: $35.29
Tension Adjusters for Rudder Control Footbraces (pair)

Needed for rudder control footbraces

Our Price: $5.25