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Waterproof Utility Pouches

5" x 7" - $4.40 ea. Discontinued - see feedback below

7" x 10" - $5.60 ea
Made of heavy weight vinyl. Self sealing Velcro® top closure. Security carry cord attached. Keeps contents safe and dry.


Hi Chuck.  

I'm still recovering from completing a very gnarly NCC in a very leaky and wet 13'/120# Banshee dinghy last weekend. My butt, back, and hands still ache!  My flabby abs are surprisingly unscathed because I was smart enough to use my SP's lug main instead of the standard big Banshee bermudan on its 23' tall mast.  The lug setup also allowed me to jury-rig a trap off the masthead, using a sailcloth sling (soft bosun's chair) as a harness, hanging from a second masthead halyard, for comfortably leaning out there -- though not standing on the rail.  That I'll save for when the boat's empty and in front of the dock (a walk in the park vs soloing Hare, my wuzzaLightning, from its trap, which I've done a number of times. Yee Hah!) 

My first yard sale this NCC was within the first 20 minutes, while running (I was not using the trapeze, but was foolishly under full sail). I lost my shiny new unused 1kg Duckworks anchor, all my water, much of my food, my favorite 30 year old sailing hat, my dryness under my dry suit, etc.  

However, easily my biggest loss was my phone, which drowned inside its 7"x10" (large) Stansport Waterproof Utility Pouch.  I'm kicking myself because I know I could have / should have avoided this loss by properly examining and testing the pouch well in advance of the event, and I probably should have ordered a new one from you just to be double-protected, if nothing else.  Cheap insurance!  But before I left for North Carolina, I'd only sailed the boat three times, and too many BIG items were still not sorted (oarlocks, shallow-water daggerboard, a proper leak-test of the boat itself(!), etc etc).  Anyway, live and learn.  And at least I DID survive and finish (in the smallest boat), unlike the majority of entrants.

One thing I did learn through post mortem analysis of the pouch -- and want to share with you for your and others' benefit -- is that, contrary to what you might suppose, the yellow velcro is bonded (by adhesive? heat weld?) to the vinyl pouch only by about 1/16" wide strips along the velcro edges -- with nothing attaching the other >90% of the strips' backsides to the vinyl.  Once the thin attachment strip starts to fail in one spot for whatever reason (old age?), the rest of it probably "unzips" as well, very quickly.  In my case, I'm pretty sure the velcro attachment was basically 100% intact when I put the phone in; I reopened the pouch only when I got home to remove the dead phone from the soup inside; and after that reopening, one strip (the "loop" portion on the clear vinyl) has almost entirely detached, and the other strip is starting to detach, in one spot.  

I've been trying to analyze "Why did it fail?"  One obvious factor is age and use.  I've had the pouch for (I'm guessing) a year and a half (or is it 2.5?  Would be in your records), and it's seen a fair amount of use, but I don't think it's been exposed to, say, a chemical or extreme heat that would have compromised the method of bonding the velcro and vinyl.  Basically just salt water and some sun -- which should not make it fail in a couple of years. 

Generally, I'm amazed at the high quality design and manufacture and longevity of my boat-related stuff. And even at the value proposition -- particularly what I've bought from you folks.   Thank you!


PS: Can't wait for a good, truly waterproof smartphone to be available, and then we'll find out whether it performs as advertised (but only with benefit of "watertight" warranty or insurance).