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Paraloc Piranha

4mm(5/32") dia - $0.92/ft.
5mm(3/16") dia - $1.12/ft.

Mike Storer recommends a Spectra (or in this case Dyneema) cored line for rigging his Goat Island Skiff and OZ Racer designs. This line meets his requirements and it is also good for other designs where performance is required. Here is the company boilerplate:

Paraloc's most versatile line. Excellent performance, light weight and minimal stretch combined with an abrasion-resistant cover. Piranha has been designed for hard-core racing applications. A parallel core of dyneema SK-75 and a Polyester cover make Piranha great for sheets and halyards. Paraloc's patented parallel-braiding technology allows Piranha to hold extremely well in clutches and eliminates cover/core slippage.

Size Weight lbs/100' Approx. Tensil
4mm .81 2,240 lbs.
5mm 1.21 3,360 lbs.

Note: This stuff is very expensive so we cannot stock all colors. Your line will be one of the colors shown above but you can't choose.


Running Rigging Without Sheath Slippage:

In Paraloc technology, core and cover fibers are parallel braided and interlocked with some of the stressbearing core fibers braided into the cover and vice versa. In addition, technical fibers of the core and sheath are reinforced by cross fibers. As a result, the rope structure forms an integrated whole so that individual elements cannot move relative to each other, and the cover is prevented from slipping or being compressed. Paraloc's patented technology eliminates many of the problems found in traditional lines, like kinking and sheath slippage in clutches.

Paraloc Reduces Abrasion and Heat on Winches

With non-Paraloc core/cover (double braid) lines, much of the friction occurs between the core and cover, along with the cover and the surface of the winch. Under strain, this friction generates heat that can reduce the strength of the line. Paraloc lines confine friction to the cover and winch, considerably reducing heat and as a result increasing durability.

The image directly above shows the results of an abrasion test where a traditional line (bottom) and a Paraloc line (top) were each cycled 5000 times on a hard edge. Clearly the traditional line's cover part resulted in catastrophic line failure. Paraloc's did not.

Tangle Free control:

Paraloc's unique construction makes it one of the most tangle free lines available. Take a piece of traditional double braid and twist it 360 degrees a few times. Then try to pull the line strait. The result is a mess of kinks and hockles. Then try the same test with a Paraloc line and you will find the line remains kink free and does not stiffen. Clearly the Paraloc technology will help make your team faster in transition by eliminating all the time eating clusters of line that just don't run tangle free.