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B.C.A DEMCO - Plans in PDF format

Paolo Lodigiani is a yacht designer and owner of the company B.C.A. Demco Kit (

The company has operated in the nautical sector since 1990, providing building plans and a variety of services and products for wooden boats lovers. Notably, they have specialized in amateur boatbuilding and classic boats, growing into the best-known firm of its kind in Italy.

The firm has published several technical handbooks about boat building and yacht design and some books concerning the culture of the sea. They also organise courses in nautical design, building, and restoration of wooden boats.

Their full catalogue of plans includes more than 50 boats. Lately they have begun to expand into foreign markets and therefore we have translated most of the plans into English. There is more information on the company website.

Note: these plans are in PDF format only

Dinghies, Canoes, Kayaks and Rowboats
Driade 444 - Cartopable Rowing Boat
Giormax - Simple Sailing Scow
Moth 11 - Europa Style Class Sailboat
Naiade - Tandem Recreational Kayak
Nereide 480 - Classic Canoe
Ninfa - Single Recreational Kayak
Ondina - Single Sea Kayak
Ten-footers: Zen, Polly, Junior, Scheggia
Pram 220 - Tender or Daysailer
Thalas 13 - Performance Rowboat
Strip-Plank Monohull Sailboats
Baby BAGGIE - Simple, Economical Daysailer
Daysailer 24 - Large Dayboat
Gozzo 400 - Traditional Italian Fishing Boat
Gozzo 520 - Traditional Italian Fishing Boat
Gozzo 650 - Traditional Italian Fishing Boat
Paloma 650 - Stylish Cruiser
Paloma-Sail - Stylish Dayboat
Sam - Micro Class Racer
Plywood Monohull Sailboats
Brio 555 (Chine Version) Open Trainer
Diapason 750 - Fast Cruiser
DP 14 - Simple, Fast Daysailer
Mandolino Cruise - Traditional Style Cruiser
Mandolino Dayboat - Dayboat Version
Minuetto Cruise - Mini Transat Style Cruiser
Minuetto Sprint - Mini Transat Racer
Puck Regatta - Micro Class Racer
Puck Cruise - Cruising Version of Puck Regatta
Thalas 16 - Traditional Style Row/Sail Boat
Moschino - Rowing Catamaran
Tricky Five - Fast, Economical Trimaran
Trillo - Small Cruising Trimaran
Power Boats
Paloma Open Power - Stylish Inboard
Silver 333 - Small Classic Runabout
Silver 45 - Practical Classic Runabout
Silver 55 - Larger Classic Runabout
Villa 570 - Pilot House Cruiser
Villa 620 - Pilot House Cruiser
Villa 650 - Pilot House Cruiser