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Gavin Atkin's Boat Designs

Professional Quality Designs

Gavin Atkin

I have known Gavin Atkin for about seven years now. In that time, he has revealed a deep understanding of boat design principles, and a willingness to share that knowledge. He has contributed numerous articles to Duckworks Magazine, and helped untold numbers of boat builders through his website Free Boat Design Resources.

In addition to all that, Gavin has drawn over a dozen original designs aimed at amateur builders.  You will find links to those designs below.  Click the links to find a page where you can read about each design and download a zip file containing complete plans for free.

Probably Gavin's most successful design is the Mouse ~O8>  This little boat, originally designed for kids, has taken on a life of it's own.  It has spawned an active Yahoo Discussion Group, and spun off a fleet of variations as an "open source" design.  Plans for the Mouse are free (see below) but Gavin has written a complete building pamphlet and we are proud to offer a print of this document along with all necessary charts, drawings, and files.  This material is available for $20 plus p&h

A great collection of classic boat plans
Bluestone - light weight pocket cruiser - 20' x 5'8"
Cinderella - An elegant but easy to build canoe  - 12' x 30"
Dogsbody - outboard skiff - 12' x 5'
Electric Schock - traditional skiff - 13'6" x 5'8"
Flying Mouse - small, cheap, sailing boat - 94" x 36"
Hot Rat - A racing Mouse for the troops in Iraq - 12'
Julie Skiff - A lightweight S&G flattie skiff - 15.5' x 4'
Light Dinghy - dinghy for rowing - 12" x 41"
Light Trow - A light rowing/sailing skiff - 15'4" x 4'4"
Little Breton - A round-bilged clinker pram - 7'9" x 4'
Micro Mouse - a still smaller Mouse - 78" x 28.5"
Mouse - Smallest, cheapest possible boat - 8'
Oarmouse - A fast 14ft one-man rower - 14'
The Edge - Fun with a minimum of work - 11' 10" x 37.5"
Wildcat - A boat for a boy and a girl - 11' x 4'