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John Welsford Small Craft Designs

John Welsford at Canyon Lake in Texas. You can't see the crowd around him as we have cropped them out, but he is holding court in one of his favorite elements, tallking to boatbuilders. You can peruse John's plans below--his unique boat designs each have their own "personality"--the mark of John's hand as it were. John's designs are very popular in Australia, New Zealand, and Great Britain, and are becoming well known in the US.  Some of these boats are a bit more challenging than those of other designers, but are worth the extra effort. Build one of John's beautiful, classic designs and be the envy of every other boater

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Join the fun at the John Welsford builders forum
where the designer himself answer's your questions
6 Metre Whaler - 19'8"x7'
more than just a sail trainer
AWOL - 16'5"x6'4"
Speed, but not at the expense of comfort.
Clarence River Dory - 20'10" or 16'6"x4'2"
a lot of boat for not much work, and very little cost
Daniel's Boat - 10'6"x4'4"
sailing dinghy
Fafnir - 13' 1"
A tough little cruiser for one or two
Golden Bay/Setnet - 12'9"x4'4"
Simple load carrier, or sporting sailor
Houdini - 13'2"x5'10"
big little cruiser
Janette - 12'1"x4'4"
general purpose dinghy
Joansa - 15'6"x3'11"
sporting rowing boat
Kiwi Duck - 8' x4'
More fun for your dollar than anything else youíll find
Light Dory - 16'8"x4'1"
seaworthy rowing boat
Navigator - 14'9"x5'10"
Pathfinder - 17'4"x6'5"
serious cruising dinghy
Pelegrin - 17' x 7' 2"
Trailerable Coastal Cruiser
Penguin - 21' x 8'
Character Yacht
Pilgrim - 16'5" x 7'
Family Daysailer or Adventure Cruiser
Rifleman - 14' 9" x 5'
classic runabout
Rogue - 14' 7" x 4' 5"
day sailer
Roof Rack - 7'2" or 6'1" x 3'4"
practical tender
Saturday Night Special - 14'8" or 13'11"
SCAMP - 11'11" x 5'4"
mini microcruiser
Scraps - 6' 3" x 3' 9"
Seagull/Mollyhawk - 15'3"/17'2" x 4'1"
recreational rowboat
Sherpa - 9' X 4' 5"
very capable tender
Sundowner - 21' 4" x 9' 3"
A little ocean cruiser - small, affordable and exceptionally tough.
Swaggie - 18' 2" x 7' 10"
long range cruiser
Sweet Pea - 17'5" x 7'4"
sport cruiser
Swiftsure - 17' 2" x 5' 4"
'character' or 'tabloid' boat
Tender Behind - 7'3" x 4'
seaworthy tender
Tread Lightly - 13' x 5'
Micro Cruiser
Trover - 14'5"x4'7"
outboard utility boat
Truant - 11'6"x5'4-1/2"
handy, stable daysailer
Walkabout - 16'2"x5'
cruising dinghy