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Ross Lillistone's Flint plans contains 15 sheets of A3 drawings plus a 15 page illustrated instruction manual. Metric and Imperial versions of the plans available – be sure to choose.

Flint – A Boat for Oars and Small Outboard Motor
14ft 9-3/4in x 4ft 3-1/4in x 6in

Flint was designed to meet the requirements of an experienced boatman who lived on an island several miles from the mainland. The boat had to row in a spirited fashion, and be able to cover long distances under the urge of a small outboard motor. Most importantly of all, she had to be able to cut through a steep chop without pounding. The resulting boat has proved to be very successful, and displays the following characteristics:

Flint plans now inclued two sailplan options

  • Stitch-and-Glue construction from pre-computed panel shapes. No strongback, mold, or full-size lofting necessary;
  • Large volume built-in emergency buoyancy;
  • Two rowing stations to allow for proper trim with differing load distribution;
  • Light weight – stripped weight of 50kg/110lbs on recently built hull using Occume Marine Plywood;
  • External gunwales reduce labour during construction, allow debris to be washed out when boat is tipped up on her side, and acts as an effective spray deflector;
  • High performance from very small outboards – has recorded 6.1 knots using a 2HP Yamaha pushing a load of four people;
  • Cruises easily at four knots with a single oarsperson;
  • The very sharp entry and pronounced ‘V’ sections prevent pounding and help with steady tracking in a cross-wind;
  • Can be re-entered easily after a capsize (has been deliberately capsized for testing) and can be rowed safely with all the water she can hold after being righted. This characteristic is a major safety factor;
  • Can be cartopped.
  • Two sail plan options included in plans

Flint plans package contains 10 sheets of A3-sized drawings, 2 sheets of A4 drawings, and a nine-page illustrated instruction manual. Metric and Imperial versions of the plans available.

Flint plans include all details for the simple, effective sail rig shown below