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Bayside Wooden Boats/ Ross Lillistone

Bayside Wooden Boats was set up in July 2000 by Ross Lillistone, who left a twenty-five year career in Air Traffic Control to follow his passion for traditional small craft. Brought up in a household full of classic text books relating to boat building and design, and having helped his father build a number of significant boats, Ross has maintained a passionate interest in the design, construction, rigging and use of classic boats - small and not-so-small. (more below)

Fleet - a 15' x 4' planing version of Flint
Three Brothers - An efficient powerboat for work and play
Water Rat - A handy paddle ski with storage - stitch & glue
Periwinkle - 17' Sail/Row/Power boat - Glued Lapstrake
First Mate - 15' Sail/Row/Power Beachcruiser - Stitch & Glue
Phoenix III - 15' Sail/Row/Power Beachcruiser - Glued Lap
Flint - 14'-7.5" Utility Power or Row Boat
Alby - 7.5' Pram Dinghy with built-in buoyancy

The business has retained a strong following from among the swelling ranks of amateur boatbuilders, many of whom are thirsty for information and hands-on experience. Since July 2000, Ross has built nearly forty boats ranging in size from seven feet to twenty-four feet. An increasing number of the designs have been his own.

Through his popular column and other articles, Ross has contributed frequiently to Duckworks Magazine and has now honored us by making us an agent for his plans.


October 5

I received my books and the study plans for the Lillistone Phoenix III today. Thank Sandra again for me for putting all that together and saving me a few bucks on shipping. I appreciate it.

In the past, I had always ordered plans vs study plans... generally not ever finding plans I couldn't use. But a few years ago, I ordered plans from [another designer] and all that changed. He's a great designer with wonderful vision... but I somehow can't read his stuff. I'm sure it's just me... but there you go. It's a pity though, as I did like the lines of his boats... but several attempts at reinterpreting the plans assured me that I'd be wasting my time.

I've built an Amesbury Dory from Gardners offsets, and was spoiled with the detail of Iain's Oughtreds plans on the Seahorse skiff--- but I've seen nothing like Ross Lillistone's stuff. The plans seem complete enough to just place them near my pile of wood and watch the boat happen. And the redundency may be unnecessary, but is welcome: every page has every number you want. The building notes are gravy.

Needless to say, I'll be ordering the plan set for the Phoenix III shortly. Please pass on my thanks to Ross (I don't speak Aussie).


December 13

Just received Ross Lillistone's plans for the Phoenix III...and I honestly think I ripped him off. The plans are spectacular in their clarity and detail---but then there's the bound build book that's gotta be worth $30. all by itself.

The photos throughout both the plans and the book are also amazing. My cat could build this boat (damn, I probably just blew my excuse if I screw this up, eh?)

You gotta tell more people about this guy, especially the newer builders. Just don't tell Ross yet--no sense having him raise his prices until I buy the rest of his stuff.