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Wabanaki 15-32 Canoe
Printed Plans - $60+p&h
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Overall Length

15'2" 4.6 m

Max. Beam

32" .81 m
Height at bow/mid/stern 18"/13"/18" 46/33/46cm
Rocker bow/stern 1.5" / 1.5" 3.8 / 3.8 cm
Recommended weight on board 150 lbs - 500 lbs 68-227 k
Estimated weight * 40-55 lbs. 18-25 k.

*Weight of hull: Hull weight will depend on skill of the builder and chosen build materials. Achieving the lowest overall weight will require the best materials and a highly skilled builder.

The Wabanaki Confederacy was a coalition of five American Indian tribes on the eastern seaboard of the United States, mostly in Maine. The Abenaki, the Penobscot, the Maliseet, the Passamaquoddy, and the Mi'kmaq collaborated on issues such as diplomacy, war, and trade.

The Wabanaki canoe is a versatile hull that can be used as solo touring canoe or a tandem for smaller paddlers.

The Wabanaki design was created with ease of build in mind with a lean toward a faster, better performing hull. It is not as wide or flat as a recreational cruising canoe so it will not have the same flat-water stability. But it will perform predictably for an intermediate to advanced paddler and will leave wider canoes in its wake. A novice paddler could enjoy this hull by kneeling or by maintaining lower seating position.

Bill of Materials:

Plywood: 3 sheets
Epoxy Resin (With 15% waste factor) 2.0 gallons [7.6 Liters]

Fiberglass Cloth: 6-ounce, 50" [200 g/m, 127 cm] 11 yards [10 M]
Wood Flour 2 Quarts [2 Liters]


This hull can be constructed and outfitted for about $300-$600 dollars depending on build options and quality of materials selected by the builder.


The hull will required about 40-55 hours to complete. These times are rough estimates and will vary according to the skill of the builder. Please note these are "hands on" hours and do not include the time waiting for epoxy to cure.

Plans Packing List:

  • NOTE: When bought as an instant download, these plans are delivered via email. You will print them out on your own.
  • Simple to follow, detailed drawings of each part with all dimensions required to layout and cut from flat plywood sheets.
  • Nesting drawings for the best plywood layout with all panels clearly labeled.
  • Drawings List:
    • Plan and Profile
    • Nesting
    • Panel Drawings
    • Frames
    • Quality Assurance Drawings
  • Specific building manual for this boat.
  • Bill Of Materials.

- All dimensions are shown in metric and U.S. Standard units.

Always wear your Personal Floatation Device!