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Waterman 16'
$80 England & EU
$69 USA/Elsewhere 

Above is an example by Renier Bramley which has an outboard
well for an electric outboard plus saddle type seat and stowage.

The Waterman canoes are more than simple open Canadian type canoes; they are a complete canoeing experience - from simply being a family open day canoe to a camping/sailing/portaging craft capable of being used to explore normally impenetrable rivers and creeks. The Waterman 16 canoe, like it's smaller sister is really a Guide Boat and has a beam of 38’’ and a central hull depth of 13’’. Being wider than the typical Canadian canoe, she is a very roomy stable craft with the capability to carry a good sail area and to be used to carry a lot of baggage or to fish from. The hull design has 3 chines allowing a wide bodied design for stability whilst at the same time having a low water surface area.

Above is a version of the Waterman 16 built by Charles Pecats in
Australia which was featured in the Australian Amateur Boatbuilder
recently and which Charles uses in the outback for fishing.

This boat will take 3 or 4 adults. The plans show a simple sailing rig with removable leeboards. If a simple ridge tent is slung over the gunwales one person can sleep comfortably on the bottom of the hull. Additionally, the hull could be made in 2 halves for easy transport or for construction in a really confined space. Buoyancy can be built-in at each end if required. Construction is simple stitch and tape using 4 sheets of 5 or 6mm ply and around 30 hours will see the canoe ready for painting. Weight is approximately 75 lbs. when using 5/6mm ply.

A nice example by Scott Herrick

Below is an example of a Waterman 16 built in 2 halves and bolted together in the middle, by Nick Hart.

Below is an example by Graham Weston.

NOTE - go to where you will find another Waterman 16 being built and then fitted out for coastal use around the UK.

Below is another example by Marcus Baw.

Below, an example by Jake Richards with a rig and leeboards gleaned from a book on canoe rigs.

Waterman 16 Particulars

LOA 15'8" 4.83m
Beam 38" 0.97m
Hull Mid Depth 13" 0.33m
Approx. Dry Weight 70lbs 31.75kg
Approx. Capacity 950lbs 431kg

Hull Shape

Narrow flat bottom with 3 planks per side
Construction Method Stitch and tape
Plywood Requirements 4 sheets of 4,5 or 6mm
Guidance Use General purpose - high stability/capacity and sailing
Drawing/Design Package 3 x A1 drawings + 6 x A4 instruction sheets