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Morning Tide 14
Full Plans
$208 England & EU
$178 USA/Elsewhere 
Study Plans
$29 England & EU
$24 USA/Elsewhere 

(formerly the Tideway 14)

Above - a Morning Tide 14 under construction by Donald Henschel.

Below and right - Marcia Dabrowski's Morning Tide 14.

Below are photographs of a strip planked version which has been stretched by 10% giving a hull length of 15'5" (4.7m) by Zeljko Loncar.

The Morning Tide 14 is a modern stitch and tape version of the old heavy displacement pocket cruisers that were popular in the 30’s and 40’s. By using modern construction techniques (using pre shaped ply hull panels, frames and transom) we have brought back to life a type of boat that offers good long distance cruising in a small package. She has 2 full length berths and plenty of stowage space and indeed, could be fitted out with a smaller cabin and larger cockpit to suit your needs. The standard arrangement shows a long ply box keel filled with concrete and scrap iron but she may also be fitted with bilge keels (also shown) or a centreboard. She may also be fitted with internal water ballast making her lighter to trail. All fittings have been kept to a minimum to keep costs low and if you would like to fit her out in a different way (ie. an open layout), we can supply all necessary new frame shapes and details. LOD 14’6’’; Beam 6’1’’; Draft 2’1’’; Weight with 700lbs. of ballast 1900 lbs. 

NOTE - Details are now shown on the Morning Tide drawings for round bilged strip plank construction and a junk rig -  and now see her bigger sister, the Morning Tide 18 in the Pocket Cruisers 16' to 20' section.

There are now plans available for a scale model of the Morning Tide 14 design (formerly the Tideway 14)  - go here for details.

Note - for those builders who want to build a model of the Morning Tide 14 and also purchase the study plans for the full-size boat at the same time, we have discounted the combined model/study plans - see below - (£33 rather than £40 - UK/EU and £28 rather than £34 - US/Elsewhere). 
Note the model is built using Balsa sheet techniques plank over frame - some full-size Morning Tide 14's have been built in similar fashion (ply plank over frame), others have been built in Cedar strip but the majority have been built using the stitch and tape method. The scale of the model is 1 : 10 giving a model hull length of 17 3/8" (442mm).

Postage for the combined study/model plans will be £3 (UK); £5 (EU) and £6 (US & Elsewhere).

Morning Tide 14 (formerly the Tideway 14) Particulars

LOD 14'6" 4.42m
Beam 6'1" 1.85m
Hull Mid Depth 2'10" 0.87m
Draft 2'1" 0.64m
Sail Area 142 sq.ft 13.17 sq.m
Approx. Dry Weight 1900 lbs 862 kg
Ballast 700 lbs 317 kg
Maximum Headroom 3' 10 1/2" 1.18m
Number of berths 2  

Hull Shape

U shaped with narrow flat bottom plank plus 3 planks per side
Construction Methods Stitch and tape and strip plank
Major plywood requirements for hull 18 x 6mm sheets
9 x 9mm sheets
1 x 12mm sheet
Guidance Use Inland, estuary and coastal
Drawing/Design Package 12 x A1 drawings + 12 x A4 instruction sheets
Additions and alterations included with the plans Self drawing cockpit with outboard well
Storm sails
Chinese junk rig
Moulds etc for strip plank construction.
Centreplate and water ballast arrangement.



Building Reunion
Dave Amundson's Morning Tide 14
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