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Modular PDRacer
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A more portable version of the famous Puddle Duck Racer

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After much deliberation, I have decided to provide a new version of the Puddle Duck Racer for those that have requested a more portable configuration. I have submitted the plans to David "Shorty" Routh, the PDR originator, and received his approval for their use.

The Modular PDR is a three unit nesting version, that will fit in all Trucks, SUV's and some autos. No trailer required. Nested dimensions are 48" wide by 54" long and about 2 feet high.

The design conforms to the original PDR in hull shape and size, so that it can be used in regulation sailing events.

This design has an obvious advantage; No trailer is required. It also has a disadvantage, occupant space is limited due to the modular design. All other design options remain the same.

As with the original PDR, these are just hull assembly drawings. The sail rig setup is the builders option, as is the rudder, leeboards and any of the other accessories the builder wishes to add.

The design of a Nesting PDR is a direct response to many requests by viewers. The drawings have been reviewed, and approved, by David "Shorty" Routh, the PDR originator. It includes the standard beam, freeboard, air cells, and construction methods.

It is lightweight, sturdy, easy to build, very portable and utilizes the standard sail platform.

The hull is strong and yet lightweight, and uses traditional methods of panel assembly, This provides for a durable, yet truly portable finished boat, and the building process is easily mastered by the home handyman and amateur boat builder. As a result, only hand tools, a jig-saw, a power drill and a large carpenters square is all that will be required throughout the assembly process.

Be selective in your choice of materials. Use plywood that is preferably exterior rated. Marine or Luan Plywood may not be available, so the use of 1/4" ACX grade is suggested, but be choosy . It is important to note, the final choice of materials is the sole decision of the builder. We have made specific building recommendations, but if the builder has previous experience with different methods and materials, that is their choice, and we respect that decision.

Certainly, minor changes in design are encouraged, to provide a 'custom' boat to satisfy a builders specific needs. We do not make changes to the drawings. This would be up to the individual builder, and their responsibility. Also, it is very important that none of the basic design parameters be drastically modified, as this may adversely affect overall boat safety or performance.

Seating choice is also up to the builder.

plans include 32 pages of drawings and photos

It should also be noted that the hull modules can be glued and screwed together, for those that do not have limitations of storage or transportation. The hull exterior can also be completely fiberglassed for durability, allowing yet thinner and lighter (4 or 5 mm) plywood hull building material.

Any questions or comments regarding the construction and/or design of this project will be responded to in a timely fashion. Thank you for your interest and purchasing these plans, and good luck with your project.

And don't forget to visit www.PortableBoatPlans.Com for new designs and updates.

Happy Boating!
Ken Simpson, Designer