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Michael Storer Boat Design

Not long ago, Michael Storer, the australian boat designer, approached us about offering his plans through Duckworks. Naturally we were excited to hear this as we are big fans of his work. His idea was to avoid the extra costs of printing and overseas shipping by offering the files in PDF format. We began with the brand new OZ Racer and are slowly adding more of Michael's plans as they become available. If you are anxious to see a particular Storer plan offered here (such as Goat Island Skiff or Beth the kamakazi canoe) please be patient as we are adding more plans here as they become available.

To order Storer plans not offered here, or to read some of what the designer has to say, visit the Michael Storer Boatplans Blog.

OzGoose2016/PDGoose Ta'al Touring SUP
Goat Island Skiff Eureka Canoe
Oz Racer RV Eureka FP Canoe
"Beth" Sailing Canoe Quick Canoe 155
Ocean Explorer - a Minimal Cruiser Quick Canoe Electric
Russki Handy Punt
MSD Rowboat TC35 - Light Liveaboard
Drop-in Outriggers Venice Riverboat
Oz Racer Mk2 Drop-in Sailing Rig
Free 9ft Oar Plans Free Paddle Plans

What makes Michael Storer boats

Light Weight
A light boat is easier and more fun to use. We really understand lightweight structures so our boats are often half the weight of similar types that you may see elsewhere. And we do this without sacrificing strength. It also makes them cheaper and faster to build - fewer parts!

Easy Building
Our plans are step by step in most cases and include full instructions on how to use all the materials involved. As we understand boat structures so well we eliminate parts wherever possible. You will find the total number of parts involved in our boats can be half or a third of some similar designs. We have put a full free plan for paddles up to download so you can see the detail for yourself.

Excellent Performance
Take a boat that is light and strong and you can't stop it from being fast! Our boats might have a strong traditional character, but they don't behave that way. We like sailing fast boats - our "character boats" will sail, row and paddle rings around others. With our motor boats they have excellent performance with smaller motors and excellent fuel economy.

Detailed Plans
We have spent years designing boats and selling materials. As a result we have seen most problems that people come across when building their first (and subsequent ) boats and have set up the plans to make that job as easy as possible. We also listen to builder feedback and incorporate the best ideas into the plans.


I ordered the plans for the Goat Island Skiff and the little PD Racer awhile ago. Now I have ordered many mail order sheet plans before and that is what I expected to get from you. Not so. This was my first set of plans that I was able to download to my computer and print out. I was amazed! To all first time buyers, make sure you have a fresh ink cartridge and lots of paper. It was like printing out a book! Even the smallest details are covered. I put the whole set of plans in a three hole binder. I still cannot get over the detail and quality of these plans. ANY first time builder should have no problems building these boats. It is so nice to see a designer who takes the guess work out of building a boat. Makes it a fun family project. That's the whole point of home boat building. Well done!

Michael Kinney
Benson, AZ


Listen to an Interview with Michael Storer on

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