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Shown above: Twang the little brother of Alansboat

Our Price: $22.50


Alansboat was designed for a fellow who wanted to go fishing in the shallows. He had seen boats for fishing the wide flats and wanted something similar. He suggested an enlarged version of the 12' Twang and that is where we started.

Alansboat is 15.5' long which is about all you can get out of a panel two sheets of plywood long. The width on the bottom is 48", the width of a sheet of plywood. So you see how boats get designed around the plywood. It is essentially a flat bottomed skiff except for the Twang bow. Here is a photo that Luke Spreadborough took of his prototype Twang going together.

You can see the idea - a V bottom up front that blends into a dead flat bottom for the rest of the boat. Supposed to allow a flat bottomed boat to take a wave better than something with a flat bow. Not sure how well it works. Maybe at slow speeds but don't forget that once on plane that bow is well out of the water and she is riding only on the aft half of the hull, or less, so that V bow is somewhat out of the picture. Here is Luke's boat finished and right side up:

I drew Alansboat to be a little stouter than Twang with a 1/2" bottom and 3/8" elsewhere. Taped seam construction needing two sheets of 1/2" ply and five sheets of 3/8" ply.

Plans for Alansboat are $22.50. (20 hp max.)