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The Jewelbox and the Jukebox2 are both "inspired" by the Bolger AS19, having the same size and boxy shape. They all have the same mainsail, too, although the AS19 has a mizzen and mounts the main as a gaff sail instead of as a balanced lug. The actual progression of the designs started with the original Jukebox. It was really, really functional! It's gone forever now, never sold one set of plans. Then came Jewelbox, a Birdwatcherized version of that original Jukebox. Then Phil Bolger warned me that the original Jukebox was too ugly for anyone to take. I redrew it as Jukebox2. The size and rig and cross section are the same as the original, but I sleeked it up a bit.

Thanks to Craig O'Donnell for the colorized gif's.

.....The original Jukebox design had a wider bow than this Jukebox2. In fact the first hull was identical in shape to Jewelbox's. Eventually I was chided into drawing a version of the first boat that was a little sleeker in styling and Jukebox2 was born.

I kept the basic layout of the first boat because I think it's really hard to beat for a beaching cruiser. The bow transom on Jukebox2 is just wide enough to step through. Then one finds a small draining well for wet and muddy things followed by a front porch deck. The cabin is a full 7 feet long, 4 feet deep, and 5 feet wide with storage access to the volumes under the fore and aft decks. The aft deck is a 6 foot long flat and will sleep two. That deck had a hatch which provides leg space and access to the under deck storage (in good weather). This type of deck is also far easier to build that any other. Finally, there is a draining stern well for the motor and more wet junk.

The sail rig is basically the same as Jewelbox's but here I've specified 300 pounds of inside ballast, minimum, that Jewelbox doesn't need. In spite of the invention of the Birdwatcher cabin, I don't think this older style of boat is obsolete. Many folks prefer the open sunny deck and the privacy of the separate cabim. This type hull might weigh 30% or 40% more than a equal Birdwatcher type but I don't know if that really matters too much. You can't tow something this size behind a small car anyway. The men who rate cars for towing aren't concerned with either vehicle longevity or the steepness of launch ramps.

Simple nail and glue "instant" construction is used in spite of her size. Plans are four blueprints with basic keyed instructions.