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This one is the third iteration of a design called Jukebox that I drew about 1990. The first had the same hull as Jewelbox but had the solid cabin, aft deck and ballast of the usual small cruiser boat. Jukebox2 was the same only slightly narrower at the bow. This one is the same as Jukebox2 but has water ballast and a cabin extension that allows standing headroom in part of the boat - a Bolger "Navigator" cabin.

The cabin extension has the great benefit of giving you a place to stand and hang out on a rainy day. It also allows the boat to be self righting with a lot less ballast. In this case it meant that about 600 pounds of water might allow it to right from a 90 degree knockdown. The cabin extension must be strongly glassed and remember that the skipper has to look through all the windows to see ahead. This boat could be built with no real partition between the two cabin sections but I drew it as I would built it for myself, with a bulkhead between the two to provide more privacy in the main sleeping room.

The cabin has a slotted roof so you can walk through it upright, a small step up to the fore deck, and then a small step down through the anchor well and then out the slot in the bow transom with dry feet right onto the beach. A landing craft. It will be a great beach boat for everyone and don't underestimate how much your family hates climbing up and down and through the water every time you might beach a conventional boat.

The sail rig uses the balanced lug main that I like so much. The main mast is 20' long setting 160 square feet of sail. It steps off center so you can walk right by it as you exit to the beach.

Jukebox3 uses a rather large pile of plywood with conventional nail and glue construction. Ten sheets of 1/4" plywood and eleven sheets of 1/2" plywood. That would be about 1000 pounds of plywood.