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Epoxy Pumps

$9.00 - pair
$5.00 - Full shot
$5.00 - Half shot
$1.00 - 1/2 Limiter for full pump

Full and Half Shot Pumps
Sometimes called "mustard pumps," these dispensers deliver a measured amount of any brand laminating epoxy and fit on the top of our 1/2 gallon, 1 gallon and some quart containers.

These pumps have two graduations: Full shot and half shot. A full shot equals:

  • 1 fluid ounce
  • 2 tablespoons
  • 8 drams
  • 30 milliliters
  • 30 cubic centemeters

Obviously a half shot equals half of any of these measurements.

Typically, you will use a full shot pump for epoxy resin and a half shot pump for epoxy hardener - when you are using 2:1 epoxy. That way, you will measure an equal number of pumps for each of the parts.

Half Shot Limiter
This item is simply a piece of Pex Pipe cut to the right length to limit our full shot pump to deliver only half a shot (see instructions below).

Make your own half shot limiter
If you received a pair of full shot pumps that you got from us or another supplier, you know that they deliver the same amount per stroke whether in resin or hardener – this means for a 2:1 mix, you will need two squirts of resin for each squirt of hardener. To make one of the pumps into a half-shot one, add a spacer to the hardener pump to keeps it from going past half way down. Make it from a 1” long piece of ½” PEX tubing that has been cut the long way so that it will snap around the shaft – below is a photo sequence to give you an idea.



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