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Clamptite Tools - Sorry, no longer available

Stainless Tool with Bronze Knob - $69.90
Demonstration DVD (US players only) - $14.95

Stainless Steel Tool w/Bronze Nut
4 3/4" Long - 7" Fully Extended

This tool is machined stainless steel with a one piece body and nose and bronze nut. The tool was designed with the detailed craftsman who need a long lasting tool able to hold up to extremely tough wire while clamping, binding and pulling the wire until the job is complete.

At our last messabout, Allston Crawford and his lovely companion, Teresa were among the attendees. He remarked on our Chippy's Clip and what an unusual tool it was. Then he showed me the Clamptite tool. I was amazed and immediately saw hundreds of uses for it.

The thing makes hose clamps out of just about any wire you have lying around. It will attach about any hose to any fitting and more: it will repair split wood such as a boom or sprit; it will make a quick eye or whipped end on a rope; it will attach a cleat or about anything to the rail on a sailboat; it will splice wires and much more.

When I got home, I Googled ClampTite and decided we needed this tool in our store. Below are some examples of what this tool can do: (more examples at the bottom of the page)

Instructions for a double wrap clamp - See VIDEO below

STEP 1: Cut wire to length (15 times the diameter of the item you’re damping plus 12) Fold Wire in half, tape (or wire nut) ends together and wrap around item where you want the clamp. Tuck the ends thru the loop.
STEP 2: Wrap around (inside the first wrap), tuck thru loop again and remove the tape (or wire nut.) Place tool as shown, with wire over front pin. Twist ends together tightly.
STEP 3: Place notch at end of tool against the wire loop and turn wingnut clockwise to tighten.
STEP 4: Rotate tool over to lock the clamp. Loosen wingnut and remove the ClampTite tool. Clip off wire ends about 1/4” from clamp and push them down against the hose.

More Examples of uses for ClampTite Tool


I just sold a boat trailer to a fellow duckworks-ite. I had some reclaimed red cedar that seemed perfect for bunks to hold the boat he's restoring. But it was looooong wood that wouldn't fit it his truck bed. Attaching to the trailer was a no-brainer, but he had no ratchet straps and I never have enough to spare any. Clamp-Tite to the rescue!




Click HERE for video demonstration