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Sticky Stuff Dispensers
Domestic shipping only, please contact us for AK, HI, or international orders

Complete Pump Set - $335 ea.
Note: This item is made to order and can take up to 3 weeks for delivery

Ideal for individual craftsmen and professionals alike, the Sticky Stuff Dispenser is a practical engineering tool specially designed to eliminate the sticky, messy, costly hand proportioning of 2-part resins. A highly dependable, top-quality system, the Sticky Stuff Dispenser assures accurate measurement of resin and hardener with a minimum of supervision.

Durable and long lasting because it is made with polished steel pistons, an aluminum body, hardened, ground and polished bearings, a stable, laminated base and a carrying handle for your convenience.

The Sticky Stuff Dispenser holds the material in clear plastic reservoirs, measures the resin and hardener and dispenses into a container of your choice keeping you safer and your clothes and counter cleaner.

The first time I became aware of the Sticky Stuff Pump was when I took a boat building class from David Nichols. David long ago learned that in a class, there is too much to do for each student to have to mix his epoxy with mustard pumps. So he invested in two of these pumps - one for slow hardener and one for fast. Why? Because a single stroke on this pump dispenses a small amount of epoxy resin and hardener at the exact ratio needed for a perfect cure (see video below). Here is a picture of David's epoxy bench:

I understand that the cost of these things is too much for the casual builder, but anyone who is going to use more than 6 gallons of epoxy on a project should consider buying one of these pumps - it will pay for itself in saved time and material. David was good enough to write a review of this fine tool:

Sticky Stuff Pumps

       I learned a long time ago that good tools will earn their keep in the time they save. Sometimes good tools will actually save you money. This is the case with the Sticky Stuff Pump. The pump allows the user to mix batches of epoxy with little or no waste. This is especially true for small batches of epoxy because the pump delivers a total of a half ounce of resin and hardener into your cup with one pump. All that is necessary is to stir and apply. There is no epoxy left in the one ounce cups or epoxy lost in priming strokes with the mustard pumps.
       Actually, both the one ounce cups and mustard pumps do a very adequate job.  I’ve used both and I’ve built some fairly good size boats using nothing but one ounce cups and the same is true with the mustard pumps. However, I would occasionally lose count and have to throw away that epoxy rather than apply a questionable batch of epoxy to the boat. Unfortunately, it was never a small batch that I had to toss, it was always a big batch and it hurts to toss 20 to 30 ounces of epoxy in the garbage.
       This scenario does not happen with the Sticky Stuff Pumps. With one stoke of the pump the correct amount of resin and the correct amount of hardener is delivered into the cup time after time. There’s nothing to count, there’s no spilled one ounce cups, there’s just the right amount of resin and hardener in your cup.
       Certainly using epoxy efficiently is great but I think the main advantage of the pump lies in its reliability. It is bad enough to lose count and have to throw away a batch of epoxy but not realizing that we have lost count and putting a bad batch of epoxy on the boat is even worse. That is a nightmare come true and can cost an enormous amount of time to try and undo the mess. These pumps virtually eliminate that possibility because they are so reliable.
However, I do check the calibration about once a month just to be on the safe side. All I do is put a one ounce cup under each spigot and push down the handle. A quick glance at the two cups and I know that the pump is giving me two parts resin to one part hardener. That small amount of epoxy is worth the piece of mind I get knowing my pumps are calibrated correctly. I never want to have to take a badly mixed batch of epoxy off a boat again.
       I like these pumps so much I have two on my epoxy station. I keep slow hardener in one and fast in the other. This allows me to tweak the pot life without having to be limited to fast, medium, or slow hardeners. However, by June both pumps are full of slow hardener. Before I bought my second pump I tweaked the hardener by mixing slow and fast in the hardener reservoir and that seem to work just fine.
       It would be hard for most boat builders to justify two pumps. I teach boat building classes and having the second pump speeds things along considerably. The students aren’t standing in line waiting to get at the epoxy and I don’t have to worry that the students will put a miss mixed batch of epoxy on their boats.
       So while these pumps help my classes to run smoothly and save me money by using the epoxy very efficiently (in two years time I figure I have saved enough epoxy to pay for both pumps) it’s the reliability I like best.
          In my opinion the economy and reliability of these pumps makes them a welcome addition to any boat shop. I use them every day and every day I very glad I have them.

Here is a short clip showing how easy it is to pump the exact ratio of epoxy into a cup for mixing.

Sticky Stuff Dispenser Model A:

  • Accurately dispenses up to 1 quart of unmixed 2-part resin per minute
  • Has one 1/2 gal. hopper and one 1 gal. hopper




 The Sticky Stuff Dispenser is awesome. It is going to save me from wasting alot of epoxy like used to happen when mixing it from the containers into cups. It will pay for itself in very little time. I built a 20x40 shop with heat and air a couple of months ago and it makes for an evenly temperature controlled environment.  I should have had a proper shop along time ago. It makes the boatbuilding so much more pleasant. By the way, I am now building Chesapeake Marine Designs "Windward 28". I`ve enclosed a photo to show what I`ve gotten done in a month having had this shop. I gave up on the Big Boat I was doing and am doing this one because I wanted to sail and have a boat I could trailer if I so desired.  

Take Care,
Richard Laux


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